Crane Inspections

AIIS provides specialized inspection criteria for the inspection of AS 2550 cranes undergoing the following inspections:

10 Year Inspections

Pre-erection Inspections

25 Year / End of Life Inspections

Import Inspections

Repair to Damage

Our Inspections are carried out using state of the art methods and technology to reduce inspection times and allowing us to inspect through paint and other coatings, drastically reducing time and cost involved in completing inspections.

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AIIS employs three main methods to inspect cranes to AS 2550 requirements
Eddy Current

This Electro-Magnetic Inspection technique detects surface and sub-surface defects in Ferrous and Non Ferrous material through up to 2mm of paint. In the crane industry it is used primarily to scan the structural welds. This method has the advantage of not requiring the removal of paint saving thousands in stripping and repainting costs.


This Inspection technique detects sub-surface detects in Ferrous and Non-Ferrous materials using a sound wave to reflect of cracks, gas pores and other anomalies. In the crane industry it is used primarily to check Slew ring bolts, jib and boom pivot pins, deck pins and sheave shafts for cracking.

Magnetic Particle Inspection

This inspection technique detects surface defects in Ferrous material only. The surface must be free of paint, grease and oil. In the crane industry it can be used to scan structural welds, but is primarily used as a back up to Eddy Current & Ultrasonic inspection and for inspecting gearbox and winch components.

AIIS is fully NATA accredited and is offering our services to facilitate your company’s requirements for NDT with our capabilities of experience we can provide an efficient and effective quality of service, pricing and report turn around.


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